Alan Bates
Ohakea airshow 1959
A Lockheed Hudson on
early morning patrol.
Date+location unknown.
PV1 Venturas over Ohakea.
Practising single-engine
flying formation. Jan '45.
Super Sabres. Ohakea 1959.
RAF Vulcan bomber nose
in foreground.
Douglas B66
Ohakea. 1959.
Royal Canadian Air Force
CL44 (DC6 civilian)
Anti-sub patrol aircraft.
Royal Australian Air Force
C130A Hercules. Ohakea '59.
Douglas DC4 Ohakea.
Date unknown.
RAF Avro Lancastrian
Ohakea. Date unknown.
Consolidated Liberator.
Ohakea. Date unknown.
Vulcans - came for opening
of Wgtn. airport. One crashed
on return to the UK, killing crew.
Short Sunderland. One which came in too low at Wgtn. airport
opening?? Please advise.
RAF Avro York Transport.
"Winding-up" and
"Ready To Roll". Ohakea.