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We now have a great link with Bertram Ogilvies Grand-daughter.
For some time now Carol has been attempting to track down more information on “Bert’s’ test flights
on Pitt Down in Hampshire UK. Carol came across our website and was thrilled to discover
our ‘pages’ on the Ogilvie story. She has mailed us some of her discoveries,
and we are gradually ‘assembling’ a very interesting and ‘intriguing’ puzzle with the Triplane
tests at Pitt Down in Hampshire. That most definitely requires more research !!!

The Hangers at Brooklands ( Kent UK )
What seeems to be the Ogilvie Triplane Sitting on a cart over to the right, this is mentioned
on "The Romance of Aviation in Napier " story on the
Ogilvie pages on our site.
For some time we weren't sure if the
'Ogilvie Crescent Drive' between Auckland's
Domestic and International terminals was named after
a Mr Alec Ogilvie, another early aviation pioneer in the
UK about the same time as Bertram.

Now we Know for sure it is definitely
Napier's Bertram Ogilvie, with his grand-daughter
Carol providing the proof..........

One of the areas we are following up is the Photo Album belonging to Howard Pixton who test flew
the Ogilvie Triplane at Pitt Down, and was pleased with it’s performance.
A photo most of us have never seen before...
The Triplane on test trials - Pitt Down,Hampshire.

We hope to gather more info on this from
the Hampshire Regional Museum or Historical section.

Bertram Ogilvie's grandaughters - Carol and Kate - visited us.
We took them over to River bend Rd to where we understand, the Hanger was positioned
at the time the air-craft Bert and his team were building, and all the experiments with
Ailerons were taking place, around 1909-10. This was the position, roughly, behind the
Baptist church that Ivan Hodgkinson who lived in the area about the time, remembers
seeing it still standing before it was destroyed in the 1931 HB earthquake.
In the photo, the site is approximately under the shade canopy on the other side of the boundary fence.
The site is now a small play area for children from the Samoan community complex.
As Bert’s Grand Children arrived to check out the site,
was an e mail from Captain Hawkins' Grandson, (Wyoming, USA).

Captain Hawkins was Bertram Ogilvie's employee at the time of the
aircraft experiments and travelled to England with him to arrange
the building of an aircraft there.

So It appears there will be a lot more info to come from
the Hawkins ‘side of things’ now. We will have more to add
to this most interesting segment of the Bay's very early aviation history
with, we hope, more photos to come.

Photograph (right) supplied by great nephew David Mayne, Taupo.

Captain Hawkins

CHAT DAY Sunday 11th May 2008
Flt.Lt Charlie Beetham flew in from Ohakea
and gave a very informative, (via a leacture and video )
presentation of the training programs in operation
at the RNZAF base Ohakea and the Red Checkers
aerobatic display team’s exercises on special occasions
at various New Zealand locations.

Over 200 years ago the English poet Thomas Grey ( who composed the famous “ Elergy” )
set down in Latin verse this remarkable vision of the war in the air :

Prophecy 1737

The time will come when thou shalt lift thine eyes
To watch a long drawn battle in the skies
While ancient peasants, too amazed for words,
Stare at the flying fleets of wond’rous birds
England , so long the mistress of the sea,
Where wind and waves confess her sovereignty,
Her ancient triumphs yet on high shall bear
And reign the sovereign of the conquered air.

( Amazing really as it came to pass )

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